Introducing our 2018 College Captains

Great leaders never set out to be leaders, they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role, it’s about the goal.

This quote describes our newly appointed College Captains well. All four of our leaders have displayed the characteristics we value in our students over the many years they have attended Cedars. They have served in a number of different roles within the College and have represented Cedars with dignity in the community.

Our Chaplain, Carol Ramsey had a ’round table’ discussion with our newly appointed Captains asking questions such as  how long they have attended Cedars, what is one of their favourite things about being at Cedars and why they wanted to be a Captain.

Brandon, Elisha and Tiana have all been at Cedars since Prep and Sophia joined our College in Year 5. They all love that they have been at the same school for all or most of their school life and have been able to see how friendships can last through the stages of childhood to adolescence and will continue on beyond graduation from Cedars.  

Each of our Captains enjoy something different about being at Cedars, Tiana loves the student teacher relationship.  

“It’s great to have teachers you get to know well because class sizes are not too large. You can approach any teacher with any sort of problem be it with school, friends or life generally, I think this is unique to Cedars.” 

Brandon and Elisha agree with Tiana. Elisha adds,

“It’s like a big family, and I really like that about Cedars, you can walk into any part of the school and you know student’s names and they know you.” 

Brandon says,

“I think it’s great being part of a small community.  Even though we are small we can achieve big things for ourselves and in our community.” 

Sophia particularly likes the focus around leadership development at Cedars.

“I have always been passionate about leadership and I value how we provide so much opportunity to develop and learn new skills in this area.” 

When our prospective Captains are interviewed by our Executive Team they are asked why they would want to be a Captain. After all Year 12 is busy enough without the extra work.

Our new Captains understand the commitment that comes with being a Captain but all agreed that serving the College community is of paramount importance to them.

Tiana wants to help students achieve their own goals while attending school and Sophia has a passion to be a voice for younger students. Both Brandon and Elisha want to make an impact through service and to be a role model for students to look up to. Elisha says,

“We have all been impacted by great examples of servant leadership Captains at Cedars and we just want to live up to the legacy left before us and be the best Captains we can.”