Introducing our 2019 College Captains

“Leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.” John Maxwell

All four of our new College Captains are excited about the opportunities they have to serve and to empower other students as they begin their captaincy roles for 2019.  Shareece Bannon,  Mariam Fofana,  Jessica Humphreys and Brandon Lingal have all displayed the characteristics we value in our students over the many years they have attended Cedars. They have served in a number of different roles within the College and have represented Cedars with dignity in the community.

Our Chaplain, Carol Ramsey had a ’round table’ discussion with our newly appointed Captains asking questions such as  how long they have attended Cedars, what is one of their favourite things about being at Cedars and why they wanted to be a Captain.

How long have you been at Cedars? 

Brandon has been at Cedars since Prep and says that he has seen the College grow so much over his 13 years of attending. Jess started at Cedars in Year 5 and both Shareece and Mariam arrived in Year 7. Mariam said she found transitioning to Cedars from her public school exciting and easy. 

What do you like most about Cedars? 

Each of the Captains love and value the small community feel of Cedars,  they agree that it affords greater opportunities to forge tight bonds with their peers and teachers while still feeling a sense of belonging to the whole Cedars community.

While all the Captains agree on the community quality of Cedars, they each value other aspects found in our College.  Mariam loves the passion for excelling in sports and opportunities that Cedars offers for those who want to constantly push themselves to grow in this area. Brandon values the opportunities provided to meet with God in our College.  He says that the Bible classes, Chapel services and daily devotions at Cedars help students connect with God regularly and provide opportunities to grow in their relationship with Him. 

Shareece and Jessica are passionate about education. Shareece says that she is aware of the privilege it is to have access to a high quality education which others in our world are not able to have. She knows that through Cedars she will be given many opportunities in her life because of the education she will receive here. Jessica loves that Cedars is passionate about academic excellence. She values the endless opportunities for students to participate and thrive through academic programs as well as providing a supportive community which she believes sets students up for success. 

What do you want to achieve as a Captain?

All four Captains want to build on the hard work of our previous Captains. They want to strengthen and grow the already existing community culture of the College. Each see captaincy as an opportunity to serve the College and to be a positive role model. They also hope to improve their leadership skills such as public speaking, humility and integrity as well as building healthy, positive relationship with others, skills that will set them up well not only in their Captain’s position but in life.