Introducing our new SRC

We’re not a ‘Complaints Service’, we’re a ‘Solutions Service.’

Our brand new SRC (Student Representative Council) was introduced here at Cedars last week.  Students were able to vote for the students they thought would be the most proactive in finding innovative improvements around the College for both current and even future students. Our Chaplain Mrs Ramsey made it clear the purpose of the council is not to be a platform to receive complaints from the student community, but instead a platform to find creative ways of solving issues that are brought to their attention.

“The purpose of our SRC is educational, democratic, collaborative and respectful,” explained Mrs Ramsey.  “The SRC members will each learn new communication and organisational skills and they will be given an avenue to speak and be heard as they partner together in decision making, working with teams, teachers and peers.”

“While our Senior College SRC and Middle School SRC will have some different focus areas, they will both run in exactly the same way. Our SRC team members will each hold one of eight portfolios that they will be responsible for over the course of the year.”

The eight positions include a Meeting Coordinator, Chairperson, Secretary, Communications and Wellbeing Coordinators, Leadership and Student Liaison along with a Social Activity Coordindator.  All of the SRC Meetings will run in a formal meeting format.

Mrs Ramsey praying for our Senior College SRC after they were announced.

“We are excited about seeing our new SRC Program in action!”

Congratulations to the Cedars SRC  for 2021:

Year 5

  • Imogen Martin
  • Aiden Hill

Year 6

  • Tianna Miserlioska
  • Austin Browne

Year 7

  • Mikayla McLean
  • Silas Foster

Year 8

  • Kaitlyn Elsner
  • Harry McKenzie

Year 9

  • Chante Boshoff
  • Michael Seales

Year 10

  • Naomi Jaque
  • Kurt Dawes

Year 11

  • Sharon Fofana
  • Jared Vallario

Year 12

  • Lucy Anderson
  • Eli Steinhaur