It’s your choice!

We have been working hard behind the scenes for our parents and students to make a smooth transition back for face to face learning.  Many safety measures have been put in place, including copious amounts of hand sanitiser installed around the school and our Student Health & First Aid Officer has been on campus overseeing these measures.  Our Principal Steve Walton and our COVID-19 Committee have been working together to make this gradual switch from home learning to school learning as smooth as possible.

We are thinking ahead.  We are thinking of our families.  We want this transition to be easy as well as safe.  And, we want to give our families the choice of a day to start bringing your children back to school.  We will start out one day a week from 11 May and work our way up to more days as time goes by.  Our families are important to us so instead of allocating days – we want the choice to be yours.  Pick the day that suits your family the best.  We are here for you.

Also, to give our HSC students and our youngest students the best support we can, Year 12 students and Kindergarten students will be coming back full time, Monday – Friday from 11 May.  Year 12 will have the support they need in this time and Kindy students will continue to have the best start to their schooling.

We’re here for you and we’re thinking ahead – as always.

For information on how to choose your child/ren’s day to return to school click here <<