Japanese Culture Day

As a part of Japanese Culture Day, Year 7 students had the amazing opportunity to learn the values, traditions and history of Japan through hands-on cooking lessons with Japanese Chef Hideo Dekura yesterday.

Chef Hideo is famed for his significant contribution to the promotion of Japanese food and cooking, receiving many awards from both Japan and Australia for his works.  After many years of lecturing, cooking and demonstrating, he has now opened his own culinary studio where he runs incursion workshop programs to visit schools and teach students about the beauty of Japanese cooking.

Students learned from the master chef how to create beautiful, tasty Japanese confectionery or ‘sweets’.  They were also eager participants in a traditional Japanese ‘Tea Ceremony.’  The Japanese Tea Ceremony is called Chanoyu or Sado in Japanese.  The ceremony is a beautiful choreographic ritual of preparing and serving Japanese green tea, called Matcha.  Although Matcha has a strong bitter taste it is beautifully balanced when paired with the Japanese sweets.

It was an exciting learning experience for our Japanese students and we are certain to have Chef Hideo visit us again.