Japanese Puppeteers

Speaking in another language can sometimes be daunting and a bit nerve-racking. This is especially the case for our Year 6 students who have only begun their journey of studying Japanese this year.

“Well, not if it’s speaking with your friends and behind kawaii (cute) puppets!” says Japanese Teacher, Miss Son.

Over the years, Miss Son has seen some of her quieter students speak much more confidently in Japanese as they perform a live puppet show for their classmates. (All in Japanese, of course!).   All of the students are fully engaged as they watch and listen to the other students perform and then have their own opportunity to act and speak (in Japanese) on stage themselves.

In teams, the students prepare their lines and create their backdrops before their big debut.  The other students are a captive audience, and, along with Miss Son,  absolutely love the lesson.

とても楽しいです!(totemo tanoshii desu – it is so fun!)