Jemma Wins the UOW Scholarship

Jemma Corneteg is not only an exceptional person, one who is kind, compassionate, diligent, an outstanding leader, talented and generous, Jemma is also gifted academically and has just won the $5000 Illawarra Principal’s Recommendation Scholarship at the University of Wollongong (UOW).

“When we nominated Jemma for this scholarship we submitted the following along with Jemma’s outstanding marks,” said Director of Secondary Mrs Kell Guest.

“Jemma is an exceptional student, academically driven and diligent in all areas. She has been Dux each year in Senior College and has the highest overall internal assessment marks in the 2020 cohort.  Jemma is a dedicated athlete and volunteers weekly at church. She works well with others and is a polite, respectful and independent learner. Jemma served as a Year 11 student leader and is a very worthy candidate for this scholarship.”

Jemma, whose dedication to her studies is incredibly admirable, was completely shocked to hear she’d won this scholarship.  When Mrs Guest shared the news with her, Jemma was thinking (hoping) the scholarship was for $500.

“When I told her it wasn’t for $500 it was for $5000 Jemma burst into tears which then brought me to tears as well,” continued Mrs Guest.

“Jemma is so deserving of this scholarship, we are thrilled for her,” added Mrs Guest.

“When I found out that receiving this scholarship was a possibility, I was extremely grateful and excited. Now that it has eventuated, it has been a blessing and opened up opportunities to kickstart my post-school future,” said Jemma.

We are so proud of you Jemma, more than for your excellence in academics, but your character is equally admired and applauded by your whole school community.