Jessica receives the Pierre de Coubertin Award

Year 12 student Jessica Humphreys, a talented athlete and great team player was recently presented the prestigious Pierre de Coubertin Award.

“The Pierre de Coubertin is awarded by the Australian Olympic Committee and recognises secondary school students who demonstrate values which are consistent with the Olympic Movement through participation in sporting activities.  Each year, secondary school teachers are invited to nominate one recipient for the Pierre de Coubertin Award from Year 11 or 12. Each nominee must participate actively in the school’s physical education program with a consistently positive attitude and must have represented the school in a sport.”  – Australian Olympic Committee

Jessica was invited to attend the ACT Pierre de Coubertin Award Presentation and Academy Day.  A wonderful day for award recipients to meet Olympians, attend Olympic workshops and learn more about the Olympic movement.

“I feel extremely privileged to have been selected for the Pierre de Coubertin Award. The ceremony incorporated a day filled with Olympians and seminars which preached balance between sport and academics. I was able to meet Olympic swimmer Kotti Kanawati and boxer Shelly Watts as well as the head of the Olympic community engagement and Olympian Services Committee, James Edwards. I was fortunate enough to participate in a physical boxing lesson where Shelly taught correct form and go on a tour of the AIS being given insight into their facilities and programs. The day ended with a closing official ceremony and the presentations of the awards.”

As part of the submission process Jessica answered the following question:

Which Olympic athlete has been a role model to you and how?

When Steven Bradbury OAM won Australia’s first ever gold medal at a Winter Olympics during the games at Salt Lake City in 2002 many in the media referred to him as the “Luckiest Olympic Gold Medallist”, “the accidental hero” and “last man standing”.   These labels arose from the way the final played out, with each of the other competitors falling over on the last bend and Steven Bradbury cruising over the line to victory.

It has been reported that Steven struggled with internal conflict about accepting the Gold yet humbly he accepted the medal after sagely rationalising that it was a reward for more than a decade of devotion.

Steven now inspires many in business to teach them how to “put yourself in position to be the next to ‘Do A Bradbury’” with a mantra of “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”.  Two factors are said to be behind his success.  First, determination and resilience to put in the hard work to ensure your preparation is complete and secondly, to take a risk.

Whether in it be in my academic studies or in my sporting pursuits, I ensure that I have prepared my body and mind to the best of my ability through thorough vigorous preparation.   When I go on to compete, I am determined to display my best efforts and I take risks when they present, so that I can make the most of each opportunity, with the knowledge and belief that anything is truly possible.

By: Jessica Humphreys, Cedars Christian College

Congratulations Jessica!