Kindergarten History with Mr Walton and Mrs Brown

Last week our delighted Kindergarten students had an exciting, interesting, funny visit from our Principal Mr Walton and Director of Primary, Mrs Brown for their History lesson.

Mr Walton and Mrs Brown took the excited students back in time as they both shared artefacts and stories about their past.  Mr Walton talked about his love of basketball and boyhood dreams of being like Michael Jordan, and his love of cricket.  The students were amazed at his ability to spin a ball on his finger and they even had a basketball net set up in the classroom to show off his shots.

Mrs Brown brought in two books from her school days and as these were the only two books she was given at school, she read them multiple times.  The children could see they were very well read!  Mrs Brown told the students she grew up in Coffs Harbour and loved the ocean and surfing, and would be in the water any spare moment she had.  She also had a go at making some shots into the basketball net which the students found hilarious.

Needless to say the students loved this special visit and History is now one of their favourite subjects!