Kindergarten’s Author Study

Kindergarten students have been exploring the concept of ‘Authority’ this Term, learning all about who authors are and what they do.

“To help my students connect with this concept we completed an Author Study about Mem Fox (an Australian author who writes children’s books),” said Kindergarten Teacher Miss Skinner.

“During our Author Study we read a range of Mem Fox texts, researched online and made a poster about Mem Fox. We also wrote a letter to the renowned author.”

“Excited students began to realise that people connect to texts in different ways, and we each identified our favourite Mem Fox book. Students noticed that we didn’t all choose the same ‘favourite text’, which prompted discussion about how God has made us all unique – even when it comes to choosing a favourite book.”

“To conclude our unit, we wrote book reviews about our favourite Mem Fox text, and have used these to create our own book. You are welcome to visit K Blue and read our book reviews.”