Kindergarten’s First Week

“When you enter this classroom….
You are scientists
You are explorers
You are important
You are loved 
You are respected
You are a friend
You are the reason we are here!”

Our special new Kindergarten students are in their first full week of ‘Big School’ here at Cedars and are not only already having fun, they are learning, developing and of course making lifelong friendships.  Our Teachers and Aides are thrilled to welcome each little person to their class and are making each one feel special.

One of Mrs Walton’s students declared on the first day of school, “It was the best day of my life!”  Another delighted student said he was so very happy (with a huge smile on his face).  One student prayed thanking God for Kindergarten and prayed blessings on all of the class.”

We are so excited to watch our youngest students grow, learn and develop as they continue their schooling journey here at Cedars. What a wonderful start to the year.

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