Leaders appointed for 2019

As part of our Mission Statement – to develop leaders, each year at Cedars we appoint Year 11 leaders who spend the year developing their leadership skills. They serve our College community in a number of different ways including at our annual events and serving the College Captains’ initiatives.

Chaplain Carol Ramsey said, “These young leaders are mentored by our current College Captains  who meet with them fortnightly. They also have the opportunity to attend external leadership training at various events throughout the year.  Next year’s School Captains will be selected from this group of upcoming leaders.”

We welcome this new group of leaders who are eager to start the 2019 school year as they lead by example and who are enthusiastic to serve their school community.

2019 Year 11 Leaders

  • Darcy Bartlett
  • Jemma Corneteg
  • Shenoah Furniss
  • Jack Guest
  • Joshua Hudson
  • Sophie Jordan
  • Samuel Kubala
  • Jessica Mikic
  • Libby Millar
  • Izabella Morgan
  • Paige O’Neill
  • Lili Orvad
  • Christopher Talakovski
  • Bethiah Thomas
  • Sarah Van Vreumingen
  • Rebecca Yacoub