Leadership Development through Max Potential

Max Potential – Personal Leadership Development

by Cedars’ Chaplain, Mrs Carol Ramsey

‘Max Potential’ is an extremely unique program – an initiative of Clubs NSW – that offers 22 weeks of personal leadership development, including coaching, to young school leaders. Over this period these young adults develop personal goals that they set out to achieve with assistance of coaching in personal leadership principles which we call ‘Maximisers.’

Recently three Year 11 Cedars’ students completed this program:

Workshop to inspire students – Hannah Murphy

 Hannah Murphy was on a mission to equip, empower and inspire Year 12 Cedars’ students to fulfil their “max potential.”  The focal point of her community service project, known as ‘The Forever Loved Project’, was a workshop at Cedars held on Monday, 3 August.

Participants were given an opportunity to identify strengths in themselves and to provide a framework to encourage their peers.  “I wanted to encourage the Year 12 girls because they deserve authentic support for all they do in the school,” Hannah said.  All the girls received a beautiful morning tea, letters from the school community and a ‘HSC’ survival kit at the end of the session.

Hannah said, “I have a strong desire to extend ‘The Forever Loved Project’ into other schools, workplaces and community venues in the future.”

Presentation on Homelessness in Australia – Jayke Beckett

Jayke  focused his efforts during this 22 week period on raising awareness of homelessness. “On any given night 26,000 young people are homeless in Australia.  It isn’t only the old guy muttering to himself on the street, it’s kids like me,” said Jayke. “I think that is totally unacceptable.”

To help raise awareness, Jayke made a Youtube clip which he hopes will help challenge people into action to fight the plight of homelessness in our country.

Created to Live Life to the Full – Jordan McCracken

 As part of her Max Potential Project, Jordan planned and ran a Chapel service at Cedars with the focus on understanding that we have all been created to live life to the full.  Jordan began the service by challenging students to name three things they like to do and then to name one thing they liked about themselves.

It was interesting to see that students can readily think of things they like to do but struggle to think of what they like about themselves. Jordan encouraged students to see themselves through their Creator’s eyes, as unique, talented and valuable.