Let’s Face It!

Let’s face it,  getting ready for school (or work) on Monday mornings can be a challenge.  To ease into the week our Year 4 Blue students have been immersing themselves in the appreciation of art and creating their own beautiful artworks.

“We are studying artists such as da Vinci, Amedeo Modigliana  and Chuck Close, to gain inspiration for creating portraits, including self portraits,” said Year 4 Teacher Mrs Rodwell.  “These artists use concepts and techniques such as symmetry, elongation and photo grids to make artworks of famous people.”

“Creating portraits, reminds us of our God, the chief creator of all human creativity. We are made in the image of God and are therefore able to create through drawing, painting, photography, writing, music, song, poetry, and dance. While our art lessons focus on the outward appearance of our subjects, we are reminded that God looks on our hearts,” continued Mrs Rodwell.

“Some students have reflected upon their abilities as artists, but I’m sure you’ll agree with me the photos show that, ‘a picture paints a thousand words’.”

“I like Art because you can do it no matter who you are. All you need is a piece of paper and a lead pencil and you literally put a bomb of creativity into whatever you’re drawing.” Lara

“I like Art because you can paint and draw portraits. I found making the elongated faces quite hard because of the cutting and pasting.” Aiden

“I like Art because it is fun and helps us learn about how to draw.” Ava

“I like drawing in Art more than painting.” Elizabeth

“I liked making the elongated faces because it was very cool and fun. I also like making the self portraits because you can look back at what you used to look like.” William

“I like Art a lot because you need to put a lot of work into a drawing. Drawing and copying is hard if you want to make the exact picture. I like to be creative, by putting colours onto pictures already made for me.”  Alyssa

Let’s face it – Monday Art lessons are a great success!