Live Orchestra Performance of ‘Peter and the Wolf’

If you thought “Peter and the Wolf” is a fairy tale only told in the pages of a book, you would be wrong.

“Peter and the Wolf” is a symphonic fairy tale for children and our Year 3 and 4 students were delighted to hear this live orchestra last week.  They had the wonderful opportunity to get up close to the instruments and were encouraged to think about learning a musical instrument themselves.  There was even an opportunity given for one of the students to try conducting.

Peter and Wolf FINAL web and Wolf Orchestra_1205

Enjoy reading how much the students loved the orchestra.

“It was very musical and I never thought you could use instruments to play characters. When they played all of the instruments together it was full of emotion, like the string family sounded very graceful and the French horns sounded sad. I enjoyed it.” – Luke

“I like the French horns, they were very low and the flute was very calm. I like how the trombones went high and low, and the low was dark. The violins were beautiful. It was well presented and well practiced.” – Vaughn

“My favourite part of Peter and the Wolf, was that you could picture the story as the narrator was that good. It was very cool seeing the instruments so close you could touch them.” – Mitchell

 “I was really good how all the instruments could go high and low. The drums were funny and loud.” – Jayde

 “Peter and the Wolf was great. The narrator was really good and the music was funny.” – Harry

“It was very interesting to see all the instruments of the orchestra.” – Eva

“I liked how the flute played the bird sounds.” – JJ

 “I thought Peter and the Wolf was very interesting. I loved how the instruments combined and made a beautiful sound. It sounded like real animals. I loved the flute and the violin. It was a pleasure to watch.” – Matisse

“My favourite part of Peter and the Wolf was when the lady complimented that my trumpet was the best. My favourite instrument was the violin playing Peter.” – Charlie

“I liked Peter and the Wolf because it was very funny and I liked the birds. I also liked when the narrator chose someone to conduct.” – Natalia

“I thought they were the best band ever and I hope they will be able to come and play for us again.” – Trinity

“I thought Peter and the Wolf was really good and really interesting. I loved it.” – Emily

“I loved all of the orchestra but my favourite was the bassoon which was playing the grandad. It was the best.”–  Chase

“It was very exciting to watch. Some parts were gentle, and some were scary.” – Maeve

 “I loved Peter and the Wolf. I’m waiting to see if the duck gets out of the wolf or not!” – Jadzia

“In Peter and the Wolf, one boy caught the wolf and cut his stomach to get the duck out.” – Cristian

 “Peter and the Wolf was enjoyable to watch. You get to see all the cool instruments.” – Eva W

“I think Peter and the Wolf was terrific because Jayde got to be the conductor and they showed us all the instruments.” Lieven

Thank you so much for organising such an enjoyable show Mrs Pozoglou. It was fantastic!