Making History Real 

Last term in History Year 2 studied evidence of the past in the present. “My students learnt about the history of mining in our area and what changes have been made due to new technology.  Last week one of my students made a discovery that reminded me just one of the reasons why I love teaching.” Year 2 Teacher, Karen Jooste.


“Hi my name is Steph,

On the weekend I was playing with my chickens beside the creek that goes through my back yard and I saw a metal tin in the creek and dug it out of the mud.

My dad and I saw that it had writing on it that said it was an “electric cap lamp”. We took it inside and cleaned it We then looked on the internet and found it was a battery for a miners helmet light the was used in the early 1900s.

The creek in our backyard comes from the old mine on Mount Keira called “Kemira Colliery” and we think this has washed from the mine a long time ago.”

What a great discovery!