Mathematics Competition

“‘Reclaim my Mind’ was the cry as the intrepid adventurers made their boisterous entrance into Field of Dreams known as the Mathematics classroom,” described Maths Teacher, Mr Strecker.  “In an era of post-post modernism with new terms being created each day and old ones redefined these students made a statement – enough is enough. For the next 75 minutes they demanded to use Mathematics in the same way as it was used yesterday, last year, last century and in the same way as we will use it tomorrow, next year, next decade and next century.”

“God created order in His universe, and we use Mathematics to describe His creation – what would be the point if 2 x 3 meant something different today as tomorrow? Imagine if the change I got back from a $10 note when buying 30 Freddo frogs at 20c each was different from one minute to the next?”

“And so the buccaneers began. They pulled, moved, stretched and contorted their minds, applying their well-known learnings from Maths class to solve intricate and complicated problems – the same way great Mathematicians including Pascal, Babbage and Newton had done in the years gone by and in doing so making their mark on history.

“What a sight to behold, Kiarra  dissecting a number set with surgical precision, or Samuel exploring the most effective way to organise areas with the gusto of a solutions designer, or Samuel  calculating velocities and forces with the accuracy of a fighter pilot, or Alithia  navigating challenges with the adeptness of a master sailor, or Jared logically evaluating lines with the skill of a pro skate boarder.”

“One thing is for sure, 2020 will be remembered as a year when the students of Cedars Christian College laid claim to the Age of Reason.