Middle School Awards Ceremony

It was wonderful to join together as a Middle School and celebrate the success of every student during Semester 1 at the Awards Ceremony on the last Wednesday of Term 2. Many parents  celebrated with us at this assembly and it was exciting to have the ASPECT Jacaranda Class join us as Mr Lindley presented their Bronze Awards.

Congratulations to all Academic and Encouragement Award winners, as well as those who achieved Sports or Community Awards. It was valuable to recognise these achievements and encouraging to hear from every homeroom teacher as they shared many stories and scenarios from their first Semester. These short glimpses into the day to day happenings at school highlighted the many learning experiences that take place at Cedars every day.   I would like to thank every student, teacher and parent for the unique contributions they have made to the Middle School community so far in 2015. I’m looking forward to us all working together to continue this great work in Semester 2.

Mr Ben Carden
Middle School Welfare Coordinator