Middle School Leaders Announced

Leadership development is one of the passions we have at Cedars  and it doesn’t only involve our Senior College students.  We have leadership programs throughout the College beginning in Junior School.

Our Chaplain Carol Ramsey is continually reinforcing and encouraging leadership skills in our students. Providing opportunities for growth and helping our students to overcome a variety of challenges enhances the development of these skills.

Last week Mrs Ramsey and Middle School Coordinator, Mrs Kite introduced new Middle School Leaders for 2020.   These young leaders will be working with Year 11 Leaders and our College Captains, developing valuable leadership skills.

Introducing our 2020 Middle School Leaders:

Year 5

  • Samuel Jovanovski
  • Mahlia Nicholls

Year 6

  • Jordan Fullard
  • Junior Fofana

Year 7

  • Jeremy Duncan
  • Tahlia Hill

Year 8

  • Josiah Clifford
  • Sarah Doreski

Here, Mrs Ramsey and Mrs Kite announce the new leaders: