Mr Johnson’s Welcome to Senior College

“Welcome to the start of a new year, I hope that all students have all had a fantastic break, recharged their energy levels and are optimistic about the opportunities that exist for growth this year!”

Mr Tim Johnson Senior College Coordinator & Head Teacher PDHPE is excited about the year ahead and said that, “although students will face a variety of challenges throughout the coming months, I encourage them all with the same advice – ‘whatever activity you take part in, do it to the best of your ability.’”

“Growth is usually an uncomfortable process where we are being stretched beyond our current position. It is this process, however, that expands and equips us with the tools necessary to achieve our potential.”

“Our parents’ support and encouragement is invaluable; however,  it is important that students are allowed to face these challenges.  These challenges help produce growth.  As teachers and staff we want to partner with parents to provide a safe environment for them to stumble and potentially even fall. Helping them back to their feet and encouraging them to keep on trying, to face those challenges and never fear failure is what helps develops resilience.”

Please feel free to contact Mr Johnson or one of the Year Advisors listed below if there is anything you are concerned about, information you feel will help in supporting your child, or you have any questions.

Year 9 – Jason Strecker & Leah Price

Year 10 – Ken Jordan & Caroline Meleka

Year 11 – Peter Ramm & Dianne Bond

Year 12 – David Carter & Robyn Naylor

“I look forward to sharing with you in the continued development of our young men and women,” continued Mr Johnson. “Thank you for entrusting us with your child and for working with us to achieve the best outcomes possible for them.”