Not for the faint of heart – dissections in Biology

Mr Johnson, our Director of Wellbeing, hearing gasps coming from the Science Lab as he passed by, decided to enter and see what all the commotion was about. Year 11 Biology students were struggling (well some of them) with their latest dissection task on a fetal pig.

Did you know that pigs have three bronchial tubes one going into the left lung and two going in to the right lung? Mr Johnson soon discovered this along with the engaged Year 11 Biology students Mr Seymour, Head of Science, was demonstrating to.

Not a task for the faint of heart, dissections can make some feel a bit queasy, but the learning experience that comes along with it far outweigh any feelings of repugnance.

Dissections provide the opportunity for students to develop scientific observational skills.  Scientists agree that dissection is crucial to understanding body form and function.

Mr Seymour acknowledges that dissections provide concrete, hands-on learning experiences with anatomy, one of the most basic of Sciences.  Dissections take many of the things Biology students have heard about through lectures and read about in text books and gives them firsthand experience.

Thank you Mr Johnson for braving the class and taking some great photos for us.