Plants in Action

Students in 4Blue are discovering a whole range of information about plants in their science topic ‘Plants in Action’. They are also learning about informative texts and so during science students followed a procedural text to set up an experiment. The aim of the experiment is to observe and record the germination and early growth stages of a bean seed. Over the next few weeks students will be measuring the various parts of the plants. They will then use these results to draw and label a bean seed germination timeline. They will also design and make a powerpoint presentation of the growth of their bean seed. In this way, students are using a number of different means to record and present scientific information.

Here are a few of their predictions about the experiment:
“I think the bean seeds will grow into a mature plant but will stop growing because they are planted in paper towel, and they need soil and more sunlight to continue growing.”  – Emeshae Wilson

“I think the scar side down bean will be the biggest plant because it’s around the right way and it’s growing with the force of gravity.” –  Josh Elshof

“I think the seed that is placed scar side vertically will grow like a normal plant would, because I think it will move around so that it is facing the right direction. I also think the roots will grow around the cup”. – Alana Selak

Let’s see how accurate their predictions will be!