Rising to the Challenge at Nowra Trees Adventure

Year 3 students recently went on an exciting and challenging excursion to Shoalhaven Tree Adventures and Zoo. “It was a hit for everyone involved!” said Year 3 Teacher Mrs Castle. “Our students rose to the challenge of each ropes course, scaling the trees and flying through the air (many screaming with delight as they flew). Some found it difficult to take the leap, but every single student pushed through their nerves to successfully complete at least one ropes course. It did rain in the middle of the day, but we had no complaints, and everyone dried off quickly!”

“Shoalhaven Zoo was special, meeting some cute animal friends (the goats were extra friendly) and watching the more dangerous ones from a distance. At one point, the lions were all roaring together which could be heard from the other side of the zoo! One of the classes were fortunate enough to walk past the crocodile enclosure during feeding time, then the zookeeper gave us a spontaneous demonstration.”

We’re so proud of our students who extended themselves in many ways: developing their physical muscles as well as building resilience, using self talk and supporting one another by cheering everyone on.”

What some of our students had to say:

“The zipline was scary and exciting, the animals were cute. My favourite animals were the monkeys.”  – Aanya

“At first I was a little bit scared, but when I got going with it, I had lots of fun. The white peacock looked really cool and I liked the little baby bunnies. The white goose hissed at us and was a bit weird!”  – Ava

“I thought that the ziplining was really hard, but then it got easier as we kept going. I liked that we got to zipline off rocks and face challenges.”  – Grace

“I liked the ziplines because they allowed us to go fast and hang. I also liked the zoo and the animals. The crocodiles are my favourite animal, so I loved getting to see them up close.”  James

“I liked the animals (the monkeys especially) but I didn’t like the zipline because it looked really hard. I had a great day and I want to do it again.”  – Dylan

“It was fun doing the excursion with my friends. The zipline, the plank walk and the rope that you walk on were my favourite parts. The last part was great because it was all downhill.”  Hargib

“The excursion was fun, going on the zipline and seeing the animals. My favourite part was when we did the obstacles on the zipline. The thing that I loved at the zoo was the lions.” –  Yeseo

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