Cedars Science Fair Winners

Cedars Science Week is never complete without the ceremony and challenge of the Science Fair. With the help and support of their Science Teachers, Year 8 students had spent many weeks developing hypotheses, modifying and testing procedures to perform valid experiments and finally analysing and presenting their results.

The Cedars Leadership Centre was then transformed into a space full of plants growing, enzymes dissociating and plastics under tension. Congratulations to all our junior scientists for their enthusiasm and willingness to explore concepts that are at the edge of human discovery.

Special mention goes to our winners from each class – Declan Evans and Fiona Seymour (First place); Charlotte Thompson and Neelav Chakraborty (Second place); Emilie Simmons and Laura Rimell (Third place); and our Highly Commended recipients Holly Hutchinson, Chante Boshoff, Isaac Churches and Abel Finny.