Sewing in Secret

Year 7 Textiles students were recently commissioned to sew a secret compartment into an ordinary looking bag.   An easy task?  Not really, especially if you have to hand sew it!

Mrs Vanderschoor, TAS Teacher has been teaching Year 7 Mandatroy Technology students practical skills to use a range of technologies to design, produce and evaluate solutions to identified needs and opportunities. The students have been learning how to hand sew and use a sewing machine to create a bag which can hold secret documents but also looks like an regular bag on the outside.

Mrs Vanderschoor commented, “Students worked through the design process which included research, planning, manufacturing and evaluating. The finished bags were fabulous!”

“Nicola made the comment that her Nan would be proud that she is learning how to sew and can attach a button. David was proud of his hand sewing of his pizza design and was surprised he had developed this new skill.”

“Learning to sew is not easy but these students did a fantastic job.  I am very proud of their new sewing skills and how the finished bags turned out.”