Sharing Family Histories

Kindergarten students have been learning about the past and the present in their History Unit, Personal and Family History. Mrs Ward, Mrs Brown and Mr Walton made an exciting visit to  Kindergarten to share their personal stories and artefacts from the past.

Mrs Ward showed us photos of herself as a child and talked about her childhood in Scotland before moving to Australia. Students enjoyed hearing about how different schooling was when she grew up.

Mrs Brown shared two books from her school days that were the only two books she had at school. They were very well read and students were able to find clues that told them the books were old such as the weathered cover, style of illustrations and clothing the people in the pictures were wearing. She read them the traditional tale, ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’.

Mr Walton brought some artefacts with him that were very old. He had a number of fossils and explained to our enthralled students, the way the fossils are formed.

Our youngest students were engaged, inquisitive and had some great questions for our visitors.