Sky’s the Limit

Our Year 10 students took a day to serve others, looking beyond themselves and reaching out to those with a disability at the Sky’s the Limit Mini Olympics held at Beaton Park last week.

Sky’s the Limit is an annual event where a variety of local service providers for young people with special needs come together to give these children or youth an opportunity to compete and participate in a variety of athletic events. Our students go along as ‘buddies’ for the day and work closely with one of the athletes who has a disability. It is a fantastic opportunity for Cedars students to assist someone else and recognise the positive impact that they can make in the lives of other people.

Tim Johnson, Cedars PDHPE Coordinator, who also attended said, “I was so proud of our students on the day.  Their attitude and willingness to serve was outstanding; whether it was Victoria Nourie, walking along holding hands and learning some simple sign language to be able to communicate with her athlete, or Emily Espinoza pushing a wheelchair from one event to the next.”

There were many other stories of our students looking beyond themselves and providing an opportunity for these kids with disabilities to not only participate, but to demonstrate how much they are able to accomplish with a little bit of help and encouragement from their buddies.

Tim continued, “Our students were an incredible source of encouragement and went beyond expectations to run events with their athletes. I still have images of Jayden Brown running the 400m; his athlete following him wherever he went, and Will Craigen and Josiah Adonis running down the home straight trying to keep up with their athletes. David West also commented on how his athlete hugged him when he left and said, ‘Good bye buddy.’

Congratulations Year 10 on making us proud with your commitment, willingness to serve and fantastic attitude.”

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