Smooth Moves in Year 3

Why do balls roll? Why do apples fall from trees? Why do some things slide across ice but not on carpet? What makes our bikes stop when we brake?

We use all types of forces including friction, gravity and pushes and pulls when we exercise, ride bicycles and drive cars.

“For Science this term Year 3 have been doing a unit on Smooth Moves (forces). To start our unit off, we played games to get us thinking about forces.  Riding the billy cart (made by students during Vacation Care) was a great way to explore these forces and the students loved it!” Year 3 Teacher, Jenny Castle commented.

“I thought the billy cart ride was very, very fun. We also played dodgeball and it was really fun too, even though I kept getting out! It related to Science because there were forces when we pushed the ball to try to get people out, and there were forces in the billy cart ride, when people had to pull it up, and gravity made the billy cart roll down the hill.” – Lara
“The billy cart used forces by the driver’s feet to steer. It was very hard to control. The dodgeball used forces by the player who threw the ball: they used a push force to push the ball towards the opponent. In handball there were pull and push forces when you hit the ball. My favourite game was handball.” – Oliver
“In the billy carts, one person used force to push you. In dodgeball you also used a pushing forces to throw the ball at other people. The billy cart was my favourite because I also got to do it in Vacation Care (so I got extra turns). It reminded me of the push and pull unit that we did in Year 2.” – Lydia