Sounds from the Shed

Often when we think about sound we think of musical instruments that can make beautiful sounds.  But last week  Year 2 students had the fun opportunity to discover sounds that come from completely different sources, and they were all found in Cedars’ Maintenance Shed.  This was a great follow on  from the Remote Learning Phase where students were encouraged to find different sounds at home using various objects.  

After an in depth safety briefing from our Maintenance Manager, the students had a wonderful time exploring the workshop and finding different objects and tools to use as their new ‘sound makers.’

The excited students then came together and had their Music Teacher,  Mrs Seales, conduct them.  As Mrs Seales conducted her new ‘orchestra’ and had the various sounds coming in and out at different times, the sound scape that was created was very interesting to say the least!

A big thank you to our Maintenance Manager Mr Van Der Merwe who enjoyed helping the eager students discover new ‘sound instruments’ and then in turn listened to the final ‘symphony’ of sounds created by these excited young musicians.