Spectacular Science Wins at Cedars

Cedars students are passionate about Science and to prove it, students have made some spectacular Science wins recently.

Students flexed their neural pathways and competed in both the Big Science Competition and the Education Perfect (EP) Science Challenge in term 2 and came out with some outstanding results!  Placing in the top 15% of 50,000 participants in the Big Science Competition and ranked 1st in the nation and not only that, 1st internationally in the EP Science Challenge.

Big Science Competition

The prestigious ‘Big Science Competition’ was tackled by 39 students covering all branches of science with a specific focus on practical applications and use of secondary source material. Over one third of our students were awarded Distinctions or above, being in the top 15% of all 50,000 participants. Special mention goes to Max McIver and Amber Clarke who attained High Distinctions placing them in the top 5%.

Education Perfect Science Challenge

Closely following the excitement of the Big Science Competition came a week-long intellectual marathon called the EP Science Challenge. Students had seven days to learn difficult and diverse scientific content and correctly respond to as many questions as humanly possible. This is not only an individual competition but also pitching school against school.

Due to the amazing and valiant efforts of numerous students, Cedars Christian College was ranked 1st nationally and 1st internationally from a pool of nearly 350 schools world-wide. Special mention should be made of Zara Kukuruzovic, Tiffany Brisbane, Fiona Seymour, Jacob Stewart and Ethan O’Neill who all attained top ‘emerald’ awards for correctly answering well over 5000 questions each which took in excess of 100 hours collectively to complete.

“We are very blessed at Cedars to have Science students who are passionate about this subject as we endeavour as a College to develop the next scientific leaders and world changers,” said Science Coordinator, Mr Seymour.