Students comment on the HSC Study Camp

While Years 5, 7 and 9 were enjoying outdoor activities and adventures (and Year 11 a mixture of both study and outdoor activities), our Year 12 students had their heads down studying with dedication in an off site facility.

“The HSC study camp significantly enriched the student’s learning. The opportunity to catch up on work and enhance our content specific knowledge was revitalising and motivating. The ‘Elevate’ seminar taught valuable studying and learning skills, adding to the productivity of the camp.” – Mariam

“From the next-door café providing encouragement in culinary form, to the informative Elevate seminar, I found the camp environment supportive and productive. The time spent studying was academically enriching, and I left with a renewed sense of purpose for my studies.” – Madelyn

“The HSC study camp allowed for effective study in a quiet and supportive environment.  The Elevate seminar strengthened my understanding of study habits and how to achieve at my maximum potential. Overall, I enjoyed the routine of the camp and have returned to school with a strong motivation to succeed.” – Emma