Students design sport program for Jacaranda students

Throughout this term, Year 10 PDHPE have been exploring a unit of work on how to modify and adapt sport to meet the needs of specific individuals.

The students have had the opportunity to discuss and experience how one sporting activity can be modified for groups like professional athletes, those who are just learning the skills, through to those who might have some special needs that need to be considered.

One of their tasks was to create a practical lesson for the Jacaranda class around a modified sport of their choice. The students were given time to research the specific needs of students with Autism and modify their sport accordingly. They then planned, prepared and ran a lesson for the Jacaranda class to get them involved in some form of physical activity.

The first of these lessons happened last week and was a resounding success.  Mr Tim Johnson, Senior College Coordinator & PDHPE Coordinator, commented, “This has been a fantastic task as students have gained a greater level of understanding of the needs of different groups of people and how sport can be designed to be inclusive.”