Students take over local workplaces

Close to 50 of our Year 10 students took over local businesses, hospitals and schools last week as part of their Year 10 work experience.  This work placement was canvassed by the students to enable them to experience working in the area of their career aspirations.

Careers Advisor, Mr Andrew Gear was thrilled with the calibre and range of placements arranged by students and their parents.  He spent the week visiting students at their various workplaces encouraging them and getting feedback from them and from the employers.

“This is the highlight of my year!” Mr Gear said.  “I was impressed with the great feedback I received from employers.  Our students have excelled!”

“Overall the employers were thrilled with our students’ dedication, enthusiasm and hard work over the course of their work experience week, ” he said.

Enjoy some comments from our students about their week:

How do you think the experience helped you in your career choices?

“Being in the maternity ward has helped me decide that if it is possible, I would love to become an Obstetrician.” – Shenoah

“This experience has changed my view on choosing a career.  I was skeptical about it before but now see it as an ideal career option.” – Chris

“The opportunity to see what Physiotherapists do firsthand helped me decide this is a definite potential job choice for me.” – Jayden

What did you enjoy most?

“I loved the connections I made with so many of the kids.  I loved how I was able to be a positive influence and have so much fun with them .  They still come up to chat with me and it’s awesome!” – Darcy

“Being able to help clients get and feel better.  Also learning most of the techniques of physiotherapy.” – Jess