Students take over local workplaces

50 of our Year 10 students (our largest group) took over local businesses and schools last week as part of their Year 10 work experience.  This work placement was canvassed by the students to enable them to experience working in the area of their career aspirations.

Mr Andrew Gear, Cedars Careers Advisor was delighted by the responses from both students and employers as he visited each at their workplace and spent time debriefing with his students and the employers.  “Overall the employers were thrilled with our students’ dedication, enthusiasm and hard work over the course of their work experience week, ” he said.

A Gear with his Work Experience Collage final

Mr Gear is very proud of his Year 10 students and has enjoyed showing off photos and comments of each.

Work Experience Year 10 Grace and Dillon final

“Coming to Hayes Park Public School has been a very enjoyable experience for the both of us. We were both helping in the Kindergarten classes and it was a real eye opener to see how patient and creative the teachers have to be. – Grace and Dillon 


Work Experience Year 10 Jessica Humphries b&w

Jessica looked very much the professional as she performed her work experience at Wollongong Courthouse.  Her supervisors were thrilled with her standard of work and level of professionalism.

Work Experience Year 10 Erica

“Working with the kids has been a great and eye opening experience. Interacting with them in play/learning time has taught me a lot about how a child’s mind works.  I’m having a real great time hear and I’m learning a lot.”  – Erica

Work Experience Year 10 Mitchell Bright

Mitchell enjoyed learning about the life of the gym, seen here demonstrating his style. “The week has helped me confirm my future goals to work in the fitness industry.”

Work Experience Samuel

“I’ve really enjoyed working as a chef and I’m hoping to do it as a career. They’ve had me baking, cooking and doing front of house it’s been a great time.” – Samuel

Work Experience Year 10 Lexee

“I’ve had a great time doing my work experience at Dapto Vet, it’s taught me many new skills and has been a really great place to work at for a week. I’ve been able to watch surgeries and care for animals – what a great experience!” – Lexee

Work Experience Year 10 Susan and Sarah

“We have thoroughly enjoyed working closely with our primary school teachers during our week of work experience. We have been assisting teachers with classroom activities such comprehension and numeracy.” – Susan and Sarah

(Susan and Sarah both attended primary school at Amity College. Their teachers were excited to have the students return to do work experience. They were saying how amazing it was to see the twins now as young ladies, and almost at their Higher School Certificate level of education. It made this experience very much more meaningful for the girls and their teachers.)

Work Experience Amelia Clarkson

Amelia was teaching young children dance routines at Kazzajazz. She had a wonderful rapport with the students and her employer commended her highly for her participation and skills.

Work Experience Year 10 Brandon Lingal

When Mr Gear first saw Brandon, he didn’t recognise him. He was inside a car-transporting semi-trailer, pulling out steel cables so they can be replaced. His supervisor explained how the Engineering firm either lengthened or shortened semi-trailers to adjust them for unique haulage operations. Brandon has assisted the engineers and worked at cutting out steel pieces, drilling, and angle grinding them into shape.  When asked if he enjoyed doing what he was doing, he responded “I’m loving it”.

Work Experience Year 10 Eleanor Chinn

Eleanor was able to perform live music at Lettuce B. Frank, singing her way to stardom. “This week has shown me that this is what I want to do as a career. “

She was been complimented many times during the week for her performances. Of the staff at Lettuce B. Frank, Eleanor said they have been so friendly and encouraging. 

Work Experience Year 10 Vivi Villalobos

“I have been helping student to understand English in the I.E.C unit at Warrawong High. I have helped student to read and talked about the language. I feel very confident in this pathway because it makes me happy to see people grow.” – Vivi

Work Experience Year 10 Tahlia Davidson

“I loved being able to work with little children and kids my age sharing my passion for dance with them. Also doing office work around the studio and seeing the full life of a dance teacher. It’s everything I’ve dreamed of and I loved it.” – Tahlia

Work Experience Year 10 Brentyn McCabe

Brentyn was busy working on a house renovation. Screwing vilaboard onto the wall in the house and applying stud adhesive, repairing walls and cracks and framing new walls. “This is the kind of work I want to do in the future.” – Brentyn

Work Experience Year 10 Jackson Hill

“Last week I helped complete retaining walls, shovelling, cleaning up bougainvillea, taking things out to the tip and gardening.” – Jackson at Elite Landscaping.

Year 10 Work Experience Connor White

Connor enjoyed his week working at the Tops Conference Centre.

Work Experience Year 10 Jordan Pring

“Working at the bakery, I have done activities like slicing the loaves, working with dough and setting loaves on display.” – Jordan

Work Experience Year 10 Matthew English

Matthew did the hard yards – literally.  Assisting a landscaper to instal a retaining wall and prepare garden beds, Matthew was on the shovel, crow bar and hammer! Is this the kind of thing you’d like to do?  “Sure thing.”