Super Science Circuits

Our Year 6 students have been totally engaged in their latest activity for Science –creating something cool using circuits.  Using creativity and resourcefulness, our clever Middle Schoolers loved learning Science in such a practical, hands on way.

Here’s what some of our budding Scientists had to say:

“Welcome to the Botanic City Located In London!  See beautiful sights and scenery with a Ferris wheel located in the centre of the city. There is an awesome school named Cedars Christian College and an RSPCA approved farm.  Electricity is used to power all the structures and wind energy to spin the Ferris wheel for everyone in the city. There is a beautiful pool with a heating button for winter. The city is covered in a beautiful blanket of flowers.” (WOW!!)

“Our team worked well we all played our part, and the result was amazing. The structure was 3D and was built out of paddle pop sticks and masking tape. The windmill was powered by a motor connected with wires to a small battery.”

“It worked out! We got it to spin, and it was amazing. When we all played a part, in the end it all worked out. It spun fast, it held, and it looked good. It was fun to work with all my friends.”

“The most difficult part was working out the switch, we had a few trials and errors, but we got there in the end and had a great windmill and a great time!”

“Science Day was such a great opportunity for people who don’t know much about circuits to learn. There were so many great inventions all around the room and I was so amazed that people my age could actually build things like them. I believe that this is a great way for people to learn about circuits whilst having fun.” (Wisdom right there!)

“Today we made a Mini Sushi Train Restaurant called KAJI Sushi. Our team used Lego for the exterior of the Restaurant, and we used a motor and cardboard for the spinning Sushi train. We also used a light for the sign, we connected some wires to the light and a battery to make it glow. We had amazing teamwork and cooperated really well.”