Swimming Carnival Results

It may have been raining but that didn’t dampen spirits it only made it easier to dive in the pool!

It was Cedars 2021 Swimming Carnival!

This year the carnival was held with our experienced swimming competitors last Friday at Unanderra Pool with staff, parents and students cheering each competitor to swim their best.

Of course we are proud of all of our swimmers, but a special shout out goes to the record breakers!!  Well done Emma-Rose Schodde-McPaul, Denzel Amone, Alithia Keys, Angelina Tobbaji, and Daniel Evans!

Congratulations to our Age Champions:


12yr Boy Jhy Hancock
12yr Girl Soraya Amone
11yr Boy Tyler McKenzie
11yr Girl Zara Amone
10yr Boy Oscar Skylas
10yr Girl Manelie Haghparast
9yr Boy Micaiah Flaherty
9yr Girl Chelsea Parkin
8yr Boy Patrick Malone
8yr Girl Carys Herd


12yr Boy N/A
12yr Girl Chloe Parkin
13yr Boy Denzel Amone
13yr Girl Isabella Keys
14yr Boy Max Thompson
14yr Girl Emma-Rose Schodde-McPaul
15yr Boy Tyler Davidson
15yr Girl Angelina Tobbaji
16yr Boy Jonathan Kubala
16yr Girl Alithia Keys
17yr Boy Aiden Rice
17yr Girl Ella Hancock
18yr Boy Daniel Evans
18yr Girl Mackenzie Stewart

Oh and we can’t forget to mention the winning HOUSE (in Primary and Secondary)!  Big applause to Deakin!

We also had a little competition for the best dressed – well done to our two winners!

The Zone Carnivals will be held on Monday 22 February (Primary) and Tuesday 23 February (Secondary) at Nowra Aquatic Park.