The Best Things About Year 5 Camp

Yes, of course it includes all of the great activities such as Archery, Pool Rafting, Billy Carts, Canoeing, and Low Ropes that our Year 5 students take part in at the start of the year at Camp. But what our students also love is building lifelong friendships with each other, building relationships with their teachers, and building a closer relationship to God.

Part of that happened when a group of Senior students (most of who are doing their HSC this year) came down and gave an evening of their own time to join our Year 5 students, singing with them, eating dinner, hanging out and running an impacting devotional with them, led by our dedicated Chaplain.  Not only do our younger students love this night – but our Senior students love it too.

During the week campers are challenged to try new activities and to step out of their comfort zones. Teachers are always amazed at the courage students exhibit and give encouragement to each of their students throughout the challenges and activities.

We asked a few Year 5 students what the best thing about camp was:

“The best thing about year 5 camp was… Spending time with your classmates and teachers.  And building up your trust with your classmates. My favourite activity was rope climbing and archery.

Thank you for your time teachers to look after us students. I appreciate it.” – Isla

“The best thing about Year 5 camp was archery because I had a great time shooting arrows for the 1st time and got 8 points in one shot.” – Benjamin

“The best thing about year 5 camp were the activities.

My favourite one was probably when we did rope climbing and archery. Especially because after rope climbing, we got to listen to the earthworm sally theme song and muffin time. Thank you for organising camp so that we could have a great time. “ – Clara

“The best thing about the Year 5 camp was canoeing. I really enjoyed the canoeing activity because I live right next to Killalea, and there’s a beach over there. Canoeing reminded me of home because of the salty water and the sound of the waves.  Canoeing in my opinion was the best activity at Year 5 camp.” –Emile

“The best thing about Year 5 camp was …

I liked canoeing because I love being in the water and out in the open.” – Madeline

“The waterslide was great I did something I never thought I would do!” – Imogen