The ‘Buddy Program’ Middle School

“My buddy was funny, energetic, and fun to hang around. She didn’t make me feel awkward and we had a lot in common. She told me funny stories and made me laugh. I felt like I could be myself around her.” – Maliah Yr 6

During Camp Week we introduced a new exciting initiative for Middle School students, ‘The Buddy Program’.

What’s better than having a buddy at school, especially one who is in a different year than you, who you can laugh with and learn from, who will watch out for you and overall connect with you in a special way.

Our students in Middle School have been buddied up with a student from another Year group (Year 8 with Year 6 , and Year 5 with Year 7).

“The goal is to build community and connections within Middle School to strengthen relationships. Our Year 7 and 8 students are given the opportunity to lead by example and support their younger buddies with the transition into Middle School,” described Middle School Coordinator, Mrs Kite.

“During Camp Week the students got to meet their buddies and introduce themselves, play some ice breaker games and find out a little bit more about students in other parts of our sub-school.”

Since that week at the beginning of the term,  Middle School students have met with their buddies each week during Chapel sitting together and getting to know each other better.

Stay tuned for more exciting activities planned for our Middle School Buddies!

Year 5 and 6 students told us what it has meant to them so far.

“I had a great time learning about my buddy. He was really funny. I really like hanging out with my Year 8 buddy! I can’t wait till the next time I get to see my buddy.” Lucas Yr 6

“It was so much fun getting to know the Year 8 students. I think it is important to have people to look up to and friends in other age groups. I hope we can do activities with the Year 8’s more often because I really enjoyed it.” – Kayley Yr 6

“I found it fun to find new friends and to bond with the buddies and learn about their interests. I never knew that my buddy Caitlen and I had so much in common with each other.” – Olivia Yr 6

“I think the Buddy Program is a good way to help us connect with the Year 8’s and I think it will be good if we have someone older to talk to and get advice from.” – Alyssa Yr 6

“I really enjoyed doing the Buddy Program because I was able to meet and connect with an older person and relate to them. Being able to relate to someone at a young age is really good and helpful because we were able to talk about our troubles as well as talking about our interests and to form a bond.” – Violet Yr 6

“I found it very engaging and interesting to see how different it is from Year 6 to 8. I also asked my buddy how they found Year 6 so I could relate. This Buddy Program is great because it is cool to see how different I am to a Year 8.” – Amelia Yr 6

“I think it was a great idea as we get an idea of how Year 8 works and we can have a friend in Year 8 – it also gives us a chance to learn more since they are older and can teach us more.” – Rainer Yr 6

“I thought that the buddy system with Year 8 was a good way to bring all of the school together and be able to talk to people in higher or lower grades than you. I think talking to someone in a higher grade than me will have many benefits for me.” Lucy Yr 6

“To me I really like the idea of the Buddy Program and I had so much fun and I think he did to…” – Noah Yr 6

“I think it is good and fun to have someone that you can talk to when needed.” – Angus Yr 6

“I think that the Buddy Program was amazing and I think that you did a great job in choosing pairs.” Dominic Yr 6

“At camp I met my Year 7 buddy. My buddy was very fun, and it was great doing the activities with them.  Thank you for organising for us to meet our new Year 7 buddies.” Clara Yr 5

At camp I met my Year 7 buddy named Zahli. I am looking forward to seeing her in the playground. Zahli was super nice.  Thank you for being my buddy Zahli.” – Yr 5

“At camp I met my Year 7 buddy Lucy. I am looking forward to. meeting with my buddy again and doing some fun activities together.”  – Evie  Yr 5