The Elements of Art in Middle School

There have been a number of different art projects happening in Middle School this term. Year 5 and 6 have been looking at the Elements of Art, to the tune of watercolour, clay, charcoal, chalk and ink.

“Recently we’ve explored the concept of texture, using the lovely Cedars gardens as our painting tools!” said Art Teacher, Mrs McKenzie.

“Have you ever tried carving?  It’s an ancient technique that Year 7 are trying their hand at within their Masks unit. It’s a fantastic mental challenge to visualise a three-dimensional form, and deduce which areas of your block need to be carved away. Soap is a great carving medium: strong enough to hold its shape, soft enough to carve away, and not too expensive to intimidate the artist.”

Year 8 have also been diving into mental gymnastics with their Pop Art lino prints. In a lino, the artist carves away the area that they would like to be white, and leaves areas to be printed. In many ways it is the opposite of drawing, and it has been exciting to watch students come to understand it. There is also a high technical skill required in the control of the carving tools and in the rolling and application of the ink, all the while keeping the paper perfectly clean and the print clear and crisp.  The students have been achieving wonderful results and I am enjoying watching them discover how satisfying lino printing is.”

“I have delighted in watching students engage. The lights turn on and they get hooked in the process!”