The Theatre for English Classes

In the final week of term 2 three of our English classes went to the theatre to view productions of the plays they have been studying in class.

Year 12 Advanced visited the Seymour Centre to experience a symposium for Henry IV, Part 1. This involved listening to a lecture on the play and how it fits into their HSC module and they then experienced scenes acted out followed by question and answer time. The students found this very beneficial in their study, particularly for including evidence in their essays.

Year 12 Advanced travelled to Bondi to watch a production of Away. It was a funny production and the students found it enjoyable and felt like the play came to life for them. The director used a simple set and made it relevant for a modern audience and it was brought to life for the students in a way they could effectively relate to.

The Seymour Centre also proved popular for Year 10M English who have been studying Macbeth. The production was engaging and the students were fascinated by the use of trap doors and other theatrical devices.

Paris was impressed with the production and stated, “The Macbeth play was a brilliant visual way to help comprehend the written version we studied in class. It had a few interesting twists that kept you guessing. It was an awesome trip and a cool new adventure.”

It was an exciting way to experience the wonder of theatre and to experience their texts in the way they were meant to be.