Tips from two of our Senior College Students

Our Chaplain, Mrs Ramsey asked two of our Senior College students for some tips during this Remote Learning Phase.  Thank you Matilda and Emily, these are helpful!

Matilda’s Tips for coping with Social Distancing during remote learning:

  • Make sure to stay connected with your friends. Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean you have to stop talking to them all together. You can message or FaceTime them and make sure you don’t forget to check in on your family as well.
  • Get outside for a bit. Even if you just sit outside in your backyard for an hour, you shouldn’t stay indoors all day.
  • Don’t forget to exercise although it is very tempting to just sit on the lounge and watch Netflix after you have finished school for the day, you should try and get some exercise incorporated into your day – even if it’s just going for a walk around your neighbourhood.
  • Try and stay in your normal routine as much as possible. Make sure you don’t stay in your pyjamas all day, keep your normal routine as much as you can during this time.
  • Try something new. Try and start a different hobby for example: painting, sewing, writing. There are plenty of different things you could try while staying at home.

Emily’s Tips for Learning Remotely:

  • Create lists and plan out when to do what work.
  • Revise the work done throughout the day.
  • Take fitness breaks (includes morning physical activities before starting school)
  • Change location of work area every so often
  • Make sure to do things that are enjoyable (drawing, listening to music, read).