Two Special Visitors in Kindergarten

Excited Kindergarten students had two special guests come visit them last week.  Principal, Mr Walton and K-2 Coordinator, Mr Bell both made a special trip to come talk to our youngest students and then read them a favourite book!

Mr Walton talked to the children about his role as Principal and how he is the ‘helper in the school.’  He answered lots of questions from the inquisitive students, most revolving around weather and storms as students were particularly interested in how storms and rain work because of the huge loud storm that had just blown through at  lunchtime prior to Mr Walton’s visit.

Most questions were centred around the science of storms and thankfully due to Mr Walton’s knowledge of Science he was able to answer their questions in great detail!

Of course there was much laughter as he then read them a story about monsters and princesses.

Mr Bell then took the stage and talked to the children about his role and how he helps students, parents and teachers.  Again there were many questions asked by our attentive students.

After all the questions were asked and answered, Mr Bell did a dramatic reading of ‘The Gruffalo’ which the students absolutely loved!