An update on our Early Learning Centre  

Soil has been turned, power and water pipes have been laid and the entire landscape has been re-shaped. In case you missed it, and I’m sure you haven’t, we are certainly well underway with the building of our new Early Learning Centre.

Our students have definitely noticed it as we have been flooded with Junior School artworks about construction as they watch the building activity across the field from the Junior School classrooms.

Amelia in Yr 2 drew this picture of the builders of our new ELC. She asked her teacher Mrs Jooste to pass it on to them when they are finished all their work. She also informed Mrs Jooste she wants to become a builder when she grows up.  A special fact is that Amelia’s Grandfather helped build Junior School! 

Prep students have been making their own ‘diggers’ as they watch the construction take place.

I hope to give you some updates as the year goes on so that you know what progress has been made.

Completed to date:

  • Area fenced off and the field re-shaped.
    • As the area is flood affected we needed to re-shape the field slightly. The large mound of soil near the bridge is the top soil that will be spread back over the field at the completion of the project. The Early Learning Centre itself does not take up all of the space behind the fence line. The field will be grassed and students will have access again to play soccer and run around at lunch.
  • New sewerage pipe has been laid and encased.
  • Excavation in order to cut and fill the site to create the different levels within the building and the playground.
  • Install the screw piles and prepare for the retaining wall footings
  • The power, water and data cables have been laid in a trench that runs from the main admin building, across the driveway and along the field.

What’s Next?

Over the next month or so (depending on the weather) we will see the the retaining walls and the block work being set out and constructed. This will be followed by waterproofing and backfilling the walls followed by the slab being poured.

Exciting times!

Estimated Completion Date: Term 3, 2018

Why are we building an ELC?

The first five years of a child’s life are crucial when it comes to establishing learning pathways, patterns of behaviour and developing a child’s sense of belonging and confidence. Our current Prep Program and staff  already do this very well.  Providing a purpose built facility will further enhance the great work we do.

We have long term goals for all of our students that extend beyond their time here at Cedars.  We recognise that to set each child up for success we ideally want to be working with them and their families from three years of age right through until they complete their HSC.

Even though I realise that many of the readers of this update will have already had their children come through Prep and are now in different sections of the school, I trust you can see the benefits to the whole school community in building an ELC. They include:

  • The obvious learning and programs for our youngest students.
  • The business of the ELC contributes financially to the whole school.
  • Senior students are connected to the industry through the Child Studies elective and other potential senior studies.
  • The services that will be provided out of the ELC such as Speech Pathology will be available to all.
  • The 8am – 6pm opening hours benefit families that require care for their children outside of school hours.

Although I am passionate about Cedars ELC I am also keen to work through the rest of the College Master Plan with the following stage to be a new Resource Centre / Library in the Senior Quad in the years ahead.

Stay posted for more updates throughout the year.

Mr  Walton