Welcome to Helen Booth our School Psychologist

As a School Psychologist, Helen is passionate about developing healthy, authentic relationships and has seen, through her vast experience, how these connections contribute to the development of the ‘whole’ person, and more importantly the ‘whole’ child.

After initially beginning studies in Primary Education, it became clear to Helen that she was far more interested in the psychological development and health of children.  Helen has been working as a Psychologist since 2007 and has had roles which have been varied across both government and private practice.  She has had a diverse range of experiences including youth camp leadership, childcare and a short time working for a child sponsorship charity.

“I believe in the importance of considering whole body connection. Our brain is not an abstract concept, but a single organ residing in the whole. This idea that ‘our parts are unified’ can also be extended to our environment. We are healthier and cope better with stress and pressure when we are grounded in a healthy physical and emotional environment. It is not until we feel safe and secure that we can really pursue purposeful learning”, says Helen.

This firm belief in the importance of a healthy environment can be seen in her experience as a “walk and talk” Psychologist. For the last five years Helen has been meeting with her clients outdoors – inviting each of them to explore psychological health in the real world rather than sitting in a man-made building.

Helen began working as our Psychologist this Term and has already built strong relationships with our students.  She is not a stranger to Cedars as has been a parent here and involved in the community (which she loves) with her two sons, Jaedon and Aaron.

Helen attends St Mark’s Church and when she isn’t working you’ll find her working on creative projects,  reading and enjoying the outdoors.