Whale snot, drones and scientists…

Year 11 Biology and Year 12 Investigative Science students were amazed this week as they were able to ask Biologist Dr Vanessa Pirotta some pretty interesting questions about how she collects whale snot (yes you read that correctly) with the use of a drone as a means of gathering important information about whales in a safe way.

“The use of drones allows us to remotely and safely collect whale snot. We are able to operate the drone greater than 200 metres away from the boat,” Dr Pirotta explains.  “Whale snot collection has proved to be a less invasive way of collecting information from whales. Previously collecting information from whales was limited to stranded dying whales or whales that had been hunted.”

Dr Pirotta has recently appeared on several television shows, and been a favourite in the media.  Our students were excited to skype face to face with an incredible Scientist and learn some pretty interesting and valuable information about protecting these giants of the sea.