What do rabbit hutches and Maths have in common?

Rabbit hutches and Maths seem like quite an odd couple, but Mrs Woznicki might beg to differ.

She has been working with her Year 4 M Maths group each Tuesday and, as Year 4 are learning about 2D shapes, she came up with the clever idea of giving her students a design task requiring them to use their critical and creative thinking, problem solving skills, knowledge of 2D shapes, design skills and measurement skills.

“The aim was for the students to design a 3D rabbit hutch and then create a cardboard model of it,” explained Mrs Woznicki.  “I encouraged the students to draw nets for each 3D object showing the 2D shapes for each face of the 3D rabbit hutch. They then cut them out and constructed the 3D hutches. Throughout the process, students encountered some problems with their original designs and then made adjustments to provide solutions for them.  I was so proud of them for achieving all of this in just 40 minutes.”