What helps our children transition to high school?

Our Middle School Coordinator, Ben Carden, was recently interviewed by Parents Guide of the Illawarra on the topic, “What helps our children transition to high school -what parents can do and when to start for happy transitions!”

Q.1 Ben, what are the typical worries / pressures / challenges students face around transition to high school?

Students obviously worry about the change of environment and the transition from the one teacher model to the many teacher model typical of most high schools.

Changing from a smaller, nurturing environment to a much larger and diverse school environment can also be cause for stress. The idea of the workload drastically increasing form primary to high school is also a cause of anxiety for many students.

One of the key pressures comes with the dawning of your child’s adolescence. As parents, it may be common during this time to see your child’s friendships and relationships take a few twists and turns and for your child to struggle at this point….