When Science gives you lemons…  

Lemon Electricity

A great discovery has been made in Year 6 Science – lemons can produce over 10.4 volts of electricity!

Students were very excited when they were given some lemons in Science to see if they could make a chemical reaction occur to actually create volts of electricity.  Could they act like a battery? Could they light a bulb with the lemons?

Declan had the bright idea of gathering all the students and their lemons together and making a lemon chain, each with a copper and zinc nail inserted and attached with wiring.  The highest voltage they got from the sour lemons was 10.4 volts! To give a comparison, an average AA battery delivers 1.5 volts.

Did the lemons actually light a bulb? Not quite.  Declan explained, “The current running through lemons isn’t quite as much as an AA battery which is designed with a positive and negative terminal conducting the electricity through to the bulb.”

The students were so inspired by this experiment they decided to hook up a pineapple, a zucchini, a cucumber and a pear.

“The students enjoyed it so much they were talking about it at the bus stop after school!” said Year 6 Teacher Mrs Duncan.

Now that’s inspired learning.