Will meets the Consul General of Japan

“I think everyone studying Japanese at Cedars should enter the competition next year!”

These were the words of Will Bond as he was returning from the Consul-General of Japan’s official residence yesterday where he was awarded the Highly Commended Prize for the 2019 Australia-Japan Relations Essay Contest.

Ten other excited and enthusiastic students of Japanese were also present at the award ceremony to be commended for their fantastic achievement in the Junior Division. The common message that could be heard amongst the students was that the contest not only gave them this wonderful opportunity to be presented an award by the Japanese Consulate himself, but also enhanced their own understanding and appreciation of the Japanese and Australian culture as well as their intercultural understanding. There was no doubt that the learning experience was rewarding and fruitful for all students, including Will himself.

So congratulations Will once again for this fantastic success as well as for everything you were able to learn and gain from this journey! Will will be entering the competition again next year so why don’t you also join him on this meaningful endeavour next year?