Year 10 and 11 Camp Highlights


Year 10 students had an internal camp program during camp week where students were exploring the ‘Survivor’ theme. They had to work in teams to complete a range of challenges and explore concepts of individual and group identity. It is an experience where we see students grow in confidence and understanding of themselves and how they can add to their group. Again, the focus is on the teamwork that will be required in the future years of study. 

Students spend a day out at Stuart Park completing a range of initiative challenges and team activities to conclude the week. It is fantastic to see the relationships and teamwork develop over the course of the camp. Students who struggle in one task will then rise to the forefront in another type of challenge and show leadership they never knew they had.

“Camp was great. I had so much fun. I got to know people I don’t usually hang out with and group with but it was so fun. Team Skittles won to so that was a plus. My team was so great and so supportive. It was one of the best camps I’ve probably done so I’m really happy with Year 10 camp. Thanks guys.” – Victoria N

“Year 10 camp was a great experience for all of us. It was a good opportunity to socialise with people we usually don’t talk with. It made us all work well as a team and we all got to know each other really well. The activities were all very fun and some were a challenge and pushed many people out of their comfort zones. All together this camp was a great experience for everyone.” – Emily B

“I enjoyed being allocated into groups as we were paired with people we don’t usually hang around so we got to know each other better.
We had to know our strengths and weaknesses to work as a team effectively.” – Jasmine T

What I enjoyed:

  • The activities at Stuart Park
  • The food challenged and the ability to cook our own food
  • The obstacle course
  • ​​​​​​​Working together as a team
  • Becoming closer with everyone in our group
  • Overcoming some of the challenges our group faced at Stuart Park –  Cameron D

What I liked about camp:

  • how everyone in the team got involved
  • how well everyone got along
  • most of the activities were fun – Jared E

“During the 3 days of camp, I experienced a lot of fun activities… I loved spending time with different people and doing the activities with most of them… I loved the cooking and stepping stones activities we did during Thursday and Friday.” – Stuart R

“I enjoyed almost all the activities on all three days which is fantastic.
I was friends with almost the entire year however this camp has definitely improved my friendships.” – James T

“I enjoyed having to work together with people who I don’t really talk to. The activities that we got to participate in were so much fun 
I’m so appreciative for all the teachers who got involved and organised all of these days for so many students.” – Jorja R


Year 11

The Year 11 students headed down to Gerringong and spent some time each morning exploring some specific study habits and practices they can employ to assist their academic development. The afternoons were filled with beach visits, water fights and plenty of laughter. Basketball, footy, table tennis and the opportunity to pause and catch their breath after a busy start to the year were popular past times. At night, the students (and staff) let down their hair in ‘Minute to Win It’ team challenges and a night of dress ups with Karaoke.

Students had a fantastic time and are commended for their mature and responsible attitudes and behaviour. Serving others, stepping beyond their comfort zones to make people feel included and seeking opportunities to add value to those around them made it a highly enjoyable camp.

“Karaoke night was lit.” – Sophie J

“A good balance between fun and positive learning experiences.” – Naomi

“Ukulele session with Mr McCoy.” – Lili

“Building relationships through fun games.”Lily and Paige

“Karaoke night with everyone. Having fun all together and enjoying everyone’s company, team building activities, playing spoons, billionaire and jungle speed.”Jess

“Karaoke night, singing as loud as we can and dancing together as a year group.” Izabella

“Family dinner as we all ate together as a year group.” – Libby

“When we got dressed up, had the teachers serve us dinner and danced hours at the karaoke.”Shenoah